What do Development Trusts do?

A development trust is a community-owned and led organisation, working to combine community-led action with an enterprising approach to address and tackle local needs and issues. The aim of a development trust is to create social, economic and environmental renewal in a well-defined geographical area, creating wealth within that area and keeping it there. There are a wide range of potential funds for various forms of community development and social enterprise. Across Scotland Community Trust get involved in all sorts of community projects including managing and owning community assets, community energy projects and working with young people and disadvantaged groups.

What is the PCDT?

Portpatrick Community Development Trust is based on a registered  company that is owned by the members who join it.  It is a community-based organisation that exists solely for the benefit of the Community in which it operates.  The company provides the legal basis for a Community Development Trust. The proposed Trust’s potential role is wide and includes the provision of social and community facilities, environmental, heritage and cultural improvements, youth development and support to local people, groups and businesses.

A company has been formed by the Village Hall steering group- you can read all about the reasons for this at its status  here.

How is this controlled?

PCDT has a set of Articles of Association registered at Companies House that define the way in which the Trust shall operate and defines the powers of the organisation. The Trust is formed with a minimum of 20 members at least 15 of whom must be Full Members.   Full members must be eligible to vote within the defined area of the Community. The Directors are elected by the members and answerable to the membership.

Why should I join?

Joining as a member of PCDT is a way of influencing and supporting PCDT aims and work – to make Portpatrick and the surrounding area of the Rhins a better place for residents, business and visitors alike.

As a Full member you will have:

  • Information about the Trust’s activities
  • Opportunities to influence what is being planned
  • Opportunities to contribute to the events and projects
  • Vote at Trust General Meetings
  • Opportunity to elect or be elected as a Director of the PCDT

All types of member are welcome to attend General Meetings

Full members

  • are ordinarily resident in the Community
  • are registered to vote at a local government election in a polling district that includes the
  • support the objectives and activities of the company.

Associate Members

Associate membership is open to individuals who are not ordinarily resident in the Community and to organisations and businesses that support the objectives and activities of the company.

Junior Membership

Junior members are individuals aged between 12 and 15 who support the objects and activities of the Company. (Junior members do not need to be resident in the Community).

Annual Subscription

Members and Associate members shall be required to pay an annual membership subscription; For this first year the current amount of the annual membership subscription is set at £5.00. (Five Pounds). Subscriptions are payable on or before the 1st April each year. Future years will be a matter for the members. The first subscription will be due by 1st April 2019 and this shall cover membership from application until 1st April 2020.

Why do you have an annual subscription?

The founders of PCDT wish an active membership. By having an annual subscription, rather than a lifetime subscription, we think that this will help promote active membership.  In addition, by law we need to keep an up to date register of members and be able to communicate with them. By having an annual subscription, the membership is refreshed each year and will ensure that the Directors current at that time, will have to work to communicate with all the members.

As a member how much would I be expected to do?

As little or as much as you wish.  At the very least we would hope that you will receive information about the Trust’s activities and make your views known, support the objectives of the Trust and vote at AGM’s.

We would welcome anyone (in any class of membership) who really wants to get involved in shaping the direction of the Trust, initiating and contributing to projects and taking on a Director’s role. PCDT has been formed as a community-based organisation and we very much want to to be that.

Why is membership limited to those who are eligible to vote in the defined postcode areas?

As a rural development organisation, we can potentially take advantage of the Community “Right to Buy” Legislation. To comply with that legislation, we must define the “Community of Portpatrick and surrounding areas” precisely using postcodes. While this area can be changed by a future board resolution, an initial definition had to be developed.

How were these postcodes picked?

These postcodes represent a geographic area approximately centred on Portpatrick but extending beyond the defined Community Council area.  It does not include the settlements of Lochans, Stoneykirk, Kirkmaiden or Leswalt as these settlements may have their own arrangements.  However, the founding directors considered that the smaller residential areas surrounding Portpatrick should be included, (See image below). These include the caravan sites, Colfin to the East and extending north along the coast, taking in Larbrax Bay and south to Port ‘O’ Spittal,  and Knockinaam Lodge.  These areas use Portpatrick as their natural centre and coastal, environmental, rural or energy projects may extend along these areas of the coast.

Organisations and people outwith the defined postcode area and who support the objectives generally or who wish to become involved with a project may join as Associate members.

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