Message from D&G re Pensions

We have been made aware about concern within the community regarding access to cash/ pensions, the following information has been received and may be helpful at this time, we will endeavour to keep you updated with any developments

  • Pensions payments can be made directly into customers Bank Accounts to avoid the need to come into the Post Office. This can be completed by the customer calling the DWP Helpline on their freephone number 0800 055 6688. This would enable payments from their bank accounts,  over the phone via their bank card in shops which would facilitate this and who could deliver their supplies directly to their home. There would still be the issue of the person accessing their cash, but could do so  from a cash machine rather than the Post Office.
  • Customers can withdraw up to £600 at any one time but if they do wish to increase this amount, they can call the number on the reverse of their Card and arrange to make a large collection amount (known as an Emergency Payment Amount) which would avoid them having to come in again for a longer time.
  • The Post Office are also liaising with the DWP to scope out the potential for making double payments for the duration of the Covid 19 situation (similar to the arrangements for Christmas and New Year) to reduce the amount of times they would need to leave the house.

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