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PCDT Becomes a SCIO

Following the proposal on the 13th March 2021, and the resultant successful application to the Charity Regulator, we are pleased to announce the PCDT had become s Scottish Charities Incorporated Organisation (SCIO). This is a change of legal form but our objectives (now called “purposes”) remain essentially the same.The Articles of Association have been changed to a SCIO Constitution and rather than have a Board of Directors we now have a Board of Trustees. Both legal forms follow the model template produced by Development Trust Associated of Scotland (DTAS) and apart from the nomenclature changes are almost identical, both set out the same limits on Directors/Trustees Powers and offer the same protections for members.

We remain:
• Independent, aiming for self-sufficiency and not for private profit.
• Engaged in the economic, environmental, and social regeneration of Portpatrick and surrounding area.
• Community based, owned and managed by the members.
• Actively involved in partnerships and alliances between the community, voluntary, private and public sectors.

The Fisherman’s Mission

We have been asked to publicise the help available to fishermen and their families during these difficult times.

You can go direct to or contact Grant through the link below.

Hi, My name is is Grant Wilson and I work as Port Officer for a fishermen’s charity and am the representative for the Solway Coast. I would like to use this newsletter to introduce ‘The Fishermen’s Mission’ and explain what we do and what we have to offer to fishermen and their families during these difficult times.

The main aspects of our work are:    

  1. Rescued at sea, involved in an accident or taken ill while fishing;whatever crisis fishermen face, our port staff provide vital emergency response services to the injured and shipwrecked.
  2. When fishermen and their families hit tough times, we provide a wealth of practical support; Immediate financial assistance towards rent, food, utility bills, school dinners or school uniform.
  3. As an ecumenical charity the Fishermen’s Mission maintains a positive, loyal, and trusted Christian presence in our fishing communities: We offer practical and pastoral help.

 If you need the Mission to respond to an emergency, need immediate financial assistance, require emotional support, or simply want a blether because you are are stuck at home then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Emergency    :  please call 0800 634 1020.

Call Grant  : 07774 115412 

Email          :  Facebook   ; Westscotlandfishmish