Code of Conduct

General Policy – Code of Conduct

Members and Volunteers

In involving our volunteers, we will be guided by the following principles of good practice and expected behaviour:

PCDT Board members will:

  • Strive to fulfil their role with integrity at all times
  • Show empathy and respect for Members, Associates and other board members
  • Value the work of PCDT and encourage others to value each other and challenge those who do not.
  • Communicate with members and listen to their ideas, and concerns.
  • Work to ensure that the projects and activities of the Trust are in accordance with our aims and values
  • Ensure that any work or activities to be performed by volunteers will be clearly defined, so that all concerned are sure of their respective roles and responsibilities.
  • Work in accordance with the PCDT Articles of Association and follow the rules laid out therein.

Members and volunteers are expected to:

  • Respect other volunteers, service users and staff
  • Respect the human rights of others
  • Respect confidentiality, and privacy of others
  • Respect the opinions of others even where these differ from our own
  • Carry out all activities with due regard to the health and safety of others 
  • Carry out activities in a way which corresponds to the aims and values of PCDT
  • Work within agreed guidelines and where appropriate follow PCDT policies and procedures