The Fisherman’s Mission

We have been asked to publicise the help available to fishermen and their families during these difficult times.

You can go direct to or contact Grant through the link below.

Hi, My name is is Grant Wilson and I work as Port Officer for a fishermen’s charity and am the representative for the Solway Coast. I would like to use this newsletter to introduce ‘The Fishermen’s Mission’ and explain what we do and what we have to offer to fishermen and their families during these difficult times.

The main aspects of our work are:    

  1. Rescued at sea, involved in an accident or taken ill while fishing;whatever crisis fishermen face, our port staff provide vital emergency response services to the injured and shipwrecked.
  2. When fishermen and their families hit tough times, we provide a wealth of practical support; Immediate financial assistance towards rent, food, utility bills, school dinners or school uniform.
  3. As an ecumenical charity the Fishermen’s Mission maintains a positive, loyal, and trusted Christian presence in our fishing communities: We offer practical and pastoral help.

 If you need the Mission to respond to an emergency, need immediate financial assistance, require emotional support, or simply want a blether because you are are stuck at home then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Emergency    :  please call 0800 634 1020.

Call Grant  : 07774 115412 

Email          :  Facebook   ; Westscotlandfishmish

5 Jan 2021 – Covid Update

From Tuesday 5 January, mainland Scotland will move from Level 4 to a temporary Lockdown, with new guidance to stay at home except for essential purposes.

Although the work of the PCDT team diminished over the Summer and into the Autumn, we have never stopped, but we are ready to provide the full range of support services for vulnerable residents and those going into shielding once more. Contact us on 01776810822 or email or through our facebook page or this web site if you need assistance.

If you would like to volunteer or assist please also contact us using the above details.

The Gaitherin Place


Over the last few months PCDT members have been working to re-fit the former dress shop at 7 Main Street Portpatrick, to bring it into community use as a Community Resource Centre. We have agreed a long term lease with the owners and a specification for the re-fit. The work has involved strip out of the old shop fittings, re-wiring, replumbing re-painting and new flooring throughout. We are delighted with the support of donations of materials, equipment and fittings received from local businesses with particular thanks to:

  • Anderson’s
  • Brush Strokes
  • Howden’s
  • Plumb Centre
  • RS Windows
  • Stranraer Carpet Co.
  • Travis Perkins

And to local people ( A&S MacLeod, D Higgins, G McKee) for donations of material and equipment. All work has been done under covid-19 restrictions and in view of these continuing restrictions we will be having a “virtual” opening. In the short term the “Gaitherin Place” will be used to provide a range of support services and due to covid restrictions this will be on a 1 to 1 appointment basis. This will be a continuation of the work we have been doing to provide advocacy, sign-posting and a listening ear service. As restrictions ease we will be able to open up more and provide a range of services and activities.

PCDT response to the PCC Consulation on Euan’s Playspace

PCDT have responded to the recent call for community consultation by the Portpatrick Community Council.

You can read our response here. We are expressing concern about the lack of clarity and sparseness of the evidence supplied in order for a balanced judgement on the merits of the proposal. We have also asked PCC to comment on the decision to refer to the area as “Portpatrick Harbour Playpark” rather than “Euan’s Playspace”.

You can follow Euan’s playspace on Facebook:

PCDT Resilience – Update

Well done team PCDT!

We have been collating the numbers for our Covid resilience work to feedback to D & G Council. The following help was offered to vulnerable and shielding members of our community over the last 26 weeks up until 15th October.

  • provision of food parcels,
  • emergency payment for utilities,
  • provision of hot and frozen meals,
  • a listening ear,
  • delivery of essential medication
  • transport to Doctor and Ophthalmic appointments
  • Shopping for those who are in complete isolation
  • Sign-posting and advocacy services
  • Financial Support (Elec and Phone bills)

The numbers for specific services are:

  • Regular Hot meal Service – for 37 people – 567 Hot Meals
  • Shopping Service – for 25 People – 96 Shopping trips – 16 Individual Families
  • Regular Food Parcels Delivered for 23 People – 88 Food Parcels – 13 Individual Families
  • Doctors Visits for – 2 people – 10 trips
  • Medicine pick-ups – 14 People – 92 medicine pickups
  • Advocacy Support – 10 people – 12 Successful interventions

This adds up to 111 individual support services, but there is some duplication/ overlap. We have helped 67 unique individuals. Thanks to all our volunteers but a very special thank you to Heather who has been doing 2-3 and sometimes 4 or more visits to Stranraer per week and has handled all of the advocacy support work. She has achieved some great successes getting additional medical and mental health support and accessing universal credit payments and getting housing benefits cuts reversed and negotiating utility build payments etc. not to mention some appliance repairs, lightbulbs changes and getting a new carpet fitted!