As a Development Trust, PCDT acts as a bridge between community organisations, public sector and business. While we have an active and involved membership, (both local community members and associate members) our vision is to work in partnership, both locally in Portpatrick and in a wider sense across Dumfries and Galloway and beyond.
We have identified a number of opportunities, and have agreement in principle, where partnership working will achieve more for ourselves and for the partners organisations than we can achieve separately.
Dumfries and Galloway is under-represented with the national Arts bodies, regional programmes. By joining with the other Development Trusts and Hall management groups we will be able to offer a larger audience and a range of venues.
Portpatrick has also strong ties with groups in Ireland and many of the festivals and events are well supported by visitors from the island if Ireland. This has included Folk festival and events around Life boat Week. PCDT have already agreed to work with Stranraer Development Trust, Lochans Community Hall and Kirkmaiden on joint funding initiatives.
PCDT can also help both formal and more informal community organisations seek and obtain funding from national and local fund distributing bodies.

While our aim will always be to become self-sufficient, we will strive to attract funds both locally and nationally to improve the facilities and services .