“To support economic, social and environmental development in and around Portpatrick”

Although the impetus has come from the decision by D&G Council to seek community management or asset transfer of the village hall. As a community development trust our starting point is community need.

The key principles adopted in developing the vision were:
• Work with established groups.
• Look for ways to build stronger communities
• Identify and look for ways to better meet the need of disadvantaged groups
• Be both outward looking and considerate of local needs
• Promote intergenerational working (working across the generations)
• Identify what needs to be done to improve the building and services
• Look at funding opportunities and opportunities for grant and commercial income to support community initiatives

It is our aim to support economic, social and environmental recovery by encouraging everybody to engage, and to embrace any skills they have to offer, listen to their ideas and find ways to provide support. It has been an exciting journey so far and we hope that you will find something here that you would want to contribute to and help us develop.